Living room furniture is always an important part of the overall design. It’s a furniture piece that is usually a must-have in any living room so you try to find a way to integrate it in the room and to compensate for its lack of obvious function. A black coffee table would make a great accent piece.

The 3 piece black living room set includes a round top table and a low table with tempered glass sides. The pieces are all available at the special price of $1,099.00. It’s a very simple piece of furniture. It’s also a tempered glass top that provides a clear contrast with the black frame and the beech table top. The collection is very versatile and it can be sued either as a single piece, with two smaller side tables, or in two different sizes.

The price also includes a mirrored top coffee table. The collection is also available in a few other options. You can choose between different shapes of chairs, with black, white and glass tops, round chairs, small tables, ottomans or large tables. They are all black, simple, elegant and stylish. The price also varies. The chair come in four sizes: standard (F), tear-resistant, heavy, just powder-coated and available in blue or red. Make a decision based on the purpose of the room served as your home’s décor.

3 Piece Black Living Room Set Photo 5