Here’s a very cute 12 square meter floating floor for sale which means one gets two additional bedrooms and a living room and a kitchen with a dining area. It’s more than enough. The apartment is located in New York City, at 737 feet feet Broadway. It has five bedrooms and 5 and a half bathrooms in the house. However, the property is very old and this means it’s not the best height to sell.

This beautiful property is situated above the Great Room on the 7th floor. This means you have to wait for three seconds to find a rental apartment there. However, to make things even easier, the apartment is currently for sale for $3, 325,000. The apartment is very small and measures only 11 square meters. That’s because the landlord didn’t wait for the offer to happen. He decided to work with the beauty, so he had the pleasure of looking after the design and waiting to buy it. Now this apartment is a piece of heaven.

The whole apartment has been completely renovated. It’s modern and even though some of the original features have been preserved, the overall design is not exactly what it should be. The kitchen has been renovated as well. It’s opened to the living room and to the dining room area. There are also going to be two walk-in closets. They benefit from an steel structure insulated with inner shutters and they also have access to a private balcony with wonderful views.

2016 Front Living Room 5th Wheel Flooring Rental Unit Photo 3

2016 Front Living Room 5th Wheel Flooring Rental Unit Photo 4