In the living room or any other room for universal activity, the TV is a must-have. So it’s no wonder it’s a must to have several sets of furniture like this one. The 2 tone living room collection is designed by Enrico Zanolla and Denis Santachiara. The pieces are especially appropriate for living room-living area where you can entertain a lot of guests or simply relax with your friends.

The complete furniture set from wardrobe and wardrobe includes a long sofa. The long sofa perfectly connects with the TV stand. The two pairs of furniture perfectly complement each other and also create a very comfortable and functional combo. The 5 meters sofa is very cute; it would really make a lovely addition in a big room. In the case of living room-living-dining room type furniture-three to remain in parallel is emphasized by the huge sofa.

The large clear glass coffee table is a particularly eye-catching detail. The light passing through the glass table beautifully creates a nice visual effect. The M Series lamps are a refreshing addition to the living room. The shape of the table makes them look very graceful and yet very modern. The bright yellow lamp is a particularly interesting detail. It complements the room beautifully and exaggerates the height of the tables. The sofa has a similar approach. Besides the tables, the collection also includes a line of ottomans with similar designs.

2 Tone Living Room Furniture Sets Photo 3