Living rooms are probably the most difficult to decorate. They require a lot of storage space, stylish furniture and all sorts of elements that seem to simply create a room’s character. This is why it’s very difficult to mix styles in such a room. But here are some inspiring examples and it’s impossible not to see how each one suits the space.

This is a renovation of an apartment in Berlin. When the renovation began it all changed. The whole apartment was transformed. The major change was related to the internal structure of the rooms. Even though the style chosen for the interior is contemporary, some elements are classical or vintage and some modern. These are all modern elements and they integrate really well in such a small space.

In addition, the style chosen also covers some of the interior design elements. It’s a mix of modern and vintage for example. Some pieces preserved as such symbolize the essence of the rooms and the décor also features vintage influences and accent colors. For example, the dark violet walls contrast with the white portion of the living room. The furniture in this room also include leopard print wallpaper and pear-shaped furniture. The atmosphere is very pleasant and so is the décor. Of course, there was nothing wrong with this room. The goal was to create a functional and bright décor using bright colors and original and unique pieces. The key was to maintain simplicity and to use timeless pieces. Both furniture pieces have similar characteristics, each in their own way.{found on leichtwestchester}.