Every baby is different and every child is different but some things are always in the same place. For example a normally small and blue baby needs a place to sleep, a place where he can eat and a place where he can play and have fun. If this is the first time and you really want your baby to grow up in this room it’s best to involve your kid into the process. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate process.

This furniture set for example brings a new use to the same nursery. It’s a playroom, a place where your kid can have fun and leave his old toys behind during the long, dark winter. Every product is hand made in good materials and craftsmanship, carefully combined with the necessary elements for a complete universe.Available from 350 e-readers for 76? x 60? (the largest size is available on demand).

For the simpler arrangement, choose a bed that’s surrounded by the window for easier illumination. Try different configurations, maybe try a combination, without a theme. This collection is great for both boys and girls as it’s fun and creative and, providing a warm atmosphere.Available from 350 e-readers for 86? x 92? (the smallest size available).

18 Inch Doll Living Room Set Photo 3

18 Inch Doll Living Room Set Photo 4