Decorating with a large piece of furniture is not as simple as it may seem. The hard part is finding the perfect piece of furniture that enhances the design of the room. Choosing the right piece of furniture for the living room, for example, is not enough. You also need to take into consideration your personal preferences, in order to have a nice and inviting interior. After some design and décor ideas we just want to present you a selection of 18? or around the home theatre items that will get you involved in defining your living space.

1. The Orange Lounge set. The orange lounge set is extremely beautiful. It features beautiful lounge chairs but also a piano and vintage piano lights. This set is a good choice for a modern or contemporary home. The chairs and the piano can be individually bought at prices between $650 and $2,000. The chairs feature bloom-green cushions and a modern-industrial design. They are both wrapped in a soft, comfortable and cozy fabric.

2. Selenium Shell Chair. The Selenium chair is the perfect piece to help relax in the living room. It has a classic look and design, it’s both elegant and comfortable. It features a beautiful shell as well as vibrant colors. These bright colors really make it pop. The chairs come in three different sizes. The small version measures 10? x 13?, the medium one is 13? x 18?, the large one is 15? x 18? and the falls into a fund side. Choose the one you like best or the one that better matches your home décor.Available for $3,000.

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3. The Wicker Lounge Chair. The Wicker Lounge Chair is the perfect mixture of looks and comfort. It has a casual and lounger design featuring a simple but resistant wicker shell. The aluminum legs are double woven so that they can support the shell. The chair is hand-woven and made of weather-resistant synthetic rattan-like wicker and there’s also a high-density foam/cotton body- textile cushions. Moreover, there’s a UV-resistant polyester/cotton blend cover for more comfort.Available for $329.