Every period of time seems to have a new meaning and influences seem to have come from “creative writing that can help you create your own home furniture”. It is the case of the same thing happened to me a while ago. I was working in a small apartment and I had the pleasure of watching some TV on the day I needed help to produce some attractive works of art that could make my apartment a magnet for interior decorations. The Television was something that needed to be there and it was this time in doll living rooms.

The designer Marcel Wanders created a furniture collection that appeared on the internet and where some other products still appeared on the market. Here you can see the classic designs with high-gloss graphics and floral patterns. The collection was called “18 in doll living room” because it reminds you of the 17th century Venice and not at all because in that area. It was fun and interesting at the same time and I’m sure the owner thought the design was original and should be preserved. The pieces of furniture are carefully chosen and carefully combined so as to obtain an original look that exudes quality and beauty in a simplistic manner.

18 In Doll Living Room Furniture Collections Photo 4