If you’re lucky enough to own a room and home to fully showcase in its halls and guest rooms, then you’re probably aware how cluttered your home can be. Along with all the necessary storage pieces, you’ll probably also have an extensive book collection that takes up a lot of floor space. While it’s nice to give up some of that space for some sort of display, you should take your best decorating decorating with storage.

Sometimes the best home will come when there’s a small table between all the furniture that looks and feels balanced. With that in mind, instead of doing your normal setup along the way, try to declutter everything that happens in your home and make it seem like everything is organized and neat. So take a look around and see what best brings you and your home into your home. Take that opportunity to construct a beautiful home and hopefully help you de-clutter your home until you’ve completely de-cluttered your home.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice if you could find space in your bathroom, across the hallway and even in your kitchen? If yes, there’s no point in investing in a huge bathroom vanity with lots of counters. So get creative and create small and space efficient storage wherever you can. Shower, powder room, living room – you name it, you can create storage in the bathroom for a mini-depart from the counter to mud room or the kitchen. Take a look at these 12 beautiful storage ideas for nurseries and foyers.

12 X 12 Living Room Storage Ideas Photo 4

These are storage that can fit into almost any closet. With these black labels you can easily label each shelf with chalkboard paint so you never run out of style. These can hold all your daily essentials in style while being very functional. They work well even in a smaller closet.

This is another organization piece. And it’s more stylish than it looks! These slim black stools can fit inside even a cramped closet that is undergoing heating and cooling makeover. And these can even hold boxes for the teenager toys and books for friends too.

It’s helpful when there are baskets. And here is a storage solution for those big stuffed animals too. Buy a black stool and you can easily learn how to take care of your stools and bring a dash of color to your child’s room.

You might think there is no way you can fit this pretty fabric pouf in the closet, but they don’t fit in any black nursery, so you can easily make this marbled basket work for you. This tissue box it’s air dry and easily cleaned with a water and a bit of mild detergent. Just place it on the floor top of your closet door.

Don’t want to get the drapes on? Then hide them underneath this wire basket for a stylish yet masculine drop cloth.

It’s night time again. And if your child isn’t sleeping, then you can easily turn one of the bedside tables for toys or a place to put a book or a lamp. Just grab your stuff and leave the bed-in-closet. (via The Land of Nod)